“No more peanut butter beards!”

 My middle child is absolutely bursting with personality.  He is so much fun and always the life of the party. He is our entertainer, mood lifter, and resident goof ball.  E-Man was one of those babies that just woke up smiling and ready for the day, with a sparkle in his eye. 
As a four year-old, his enthusiasm for life sometimes gets him into trouble.  Like yesterday, when E-Man decided to make a beard using the jar of Jif.  I found myself actually saying the words, "No more peanut butter beards!"  He just loves to be the comedian, whether it's making up goofy dances or doing impressions of people.  His cuteness works greatly in his favor, because it's so hard to be mad looking at those big laughing blue eyes and ginormous grin.  See what I mean??




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  1. Grandma says:

    I love this kid, always a smile on
    his face.

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