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New King of the House

Sunday, February 15th, 2009


There is a new king coming to reign at my parents house.  He is a 1.5 pound puppy chihuahua.  My parents came to town for a quick weekend visit with the kids.  I, however, had ulterior motives.  The pet store we frequent had two litters of chihuahuas that were gorgeous.  Well, by Saturday at noon (after minimal arm-twisting) this little dog hit the jackpot and had new owners.

A year and a half ago, my parents dealt with the loss of Ernie the chihuahua and were devastated.  Ernie started out as my sister's dog back in college, and weaseled his way into my mom's house where he was treated like royalty.  Ernie slept in a drawer under the couch for most of his 12 years, and had a permanent spot on her lap.

This new little puppy is going to be great for them! My dad is retired and will love the canine companionship, and my mom missed having a little friend around the house.  The puppy is tiny enough to travel, and so incredibly mellow.  And any creature that survives 48 hours in my household deserves kudos!

We spent hours brainstorming names for the dog, which is dangerous around crazy E-Man, whose suggestions run from Armpit Head to Steve Urkel to Luke Skywalker.  Big B acted as secretary, writing down the possibilities and commenting on all of them.  My husband walked in, tossed ONE name out, and that was the end of the story.  Meet Bo. For my Sooner friends, the choice might not be so obvious, but Husker fans will know the man who inspired the name:


We apologize, Mr. Pelini, for naming a dog in your honor. It was meant with love, I promise.

And more photos of the Bo:




What a fun and exciting weekend! I'm so happy for this new addition to the family, and can't wait for the next visit.