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The Man Routine

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

E-Man has always been an early riser, and usually starts his day by showering and getting ready while my husband is getting ready for work.  It is so precious to watch my little man mock shave along with his Daddy, then follow every step along the way: shower, deodorant, hair gel, cologne. This "Man Routine" as I've named it, has been going on for years.  I used to be paranoid about sending E to school smelling like Right Guard and Caroline Herrera for Men.  Now, I treasure the process as my little man turns himself into Rico Suave in the morning. 

E let me invade his bathroom time the other day to document the process:



Meet Ruby

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Meet Ruby Dooby Guinan, the latest member of my extended family.  My sister caved and finally got a puppy, a flopsy little puggle.  My kids were ecstatic to have a bunch of sleepovers last week with Ruby, and took turns spoiling her.  

My parents took the leap this spring (refresher on that adventure HERE), and so far so good.  Our crazy weiner dog now has two canine friends in the fam to play with.

Meet Ruby:




L treats the dog as a favorite new accessory, much to Ruby's dismay:



And one of just L, because she is so ridiculously adorable and photogenic: