These are the two little men in my life, or "the bruthas," as their little sister says.  They are best friends, mortal enemies, yin and yang, and so precious to me.   They were giggly and goofy, fueled by the root beer (old fashioned brown bottle, no straw for my macho men) I bribed them with to cooperate.




9 Responses to “Bruthas”

  1. kg says:

    she looks so sweet and innocent

  2. Amii says:

    How cute! Love the autumn colors and that top image is great!

  3. What fabulous expressions! Love these!

  4. Kelly Klatt says:

    Love the fun candids!

  5. Love these! Such great captures of their personalities.

  6. megan parker says:

    Aww so cute! I love their matching outfits!

  7. ELLIE says:

    so want a copy!

  8. xanthe says:

    these are wonderful shots of your boys! memories forever. thanks for sharing at ss today.

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