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A New Favorite Dirty Look

Sunday, February 14th, 2010


This so perfectly captures my kiddos' personalities:

Big B is doing exactly what he should be, with a genuine smile on his face to make his mom happy.

E-Man is ready to bust out laughing and cracking jokes for comic relief.

Miss J is annoyed and ready to explode with rage because she is touching her brother; and wearing jeans she doesn't like; and had her hair brushed; and wearing the black bow instead of the orange one; and because she wants her treat for posing RIGHT NOW rather than AFTER the session.

DIY Valentines

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I am so proud of my do-it-yourself Valentines this year for the munchkins.  They were simple and easy, copied from a sample I found online.  Bonus: I did not have to stand in the Valentine aisle at the store debating Kai Lan, Dora, or Strawberry Shortcake for hours!


Take a photo of child with arm out to the side, making a fist: 

Use an exacto knife to make tiny cuts above and below hand, then slide sucker or pencil in:Diy

I added some digital flair, and printed on pearlized postcards. You could easily print at home on cardstock, or print as a 4×6 photo.