Total Failure

Family portraits are difficult to coordinate, shop for, and execute.  There is so much pressure to create a lasting family portrait in an hour time frame.   I get that.  Fortunately, I usually get the easy part of that equation: photography.

When I have to shop,  dress, and pretty up three children (who already have a camera in their face daily), it’s like a total failure waiting to happen.  And my Christmas card shoot was a total failure, indeed.  Miss J did not want her hair brushed.  She wanted to wear the orange Halloween shirt that she finds no matter how many times I bury it at the bottom of her dresser.  E-Man was pouting because the shirt was fancy (ie: buttons) and the jeans were scratchy.  Big B slicked his hair down with half a bottle of Crew, then busted out his “I-will-smile-my-cheesiest-smile-so-Mom-is-happy” smile.

The session ended in less than ten minutes, after my entertainer (photo above) started doing the hustle against the wall and waving to every passing car.   Attempt number two is planned.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Michele says:

    What a cute picture! Good luck with getting your family pictures done. :O)

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