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Monday, January 30th, 2012

I’m so proud of my first Pinterest– inspired project!  These boy and girl canvases are made from Miss J’s kindergarten classmates’  hand prints  (for the big school auction fundraiser).    The Very Hungry Caterpillar was a favorite book from my teaching days, and these handprint caterpillars make me smile.  Here’s to my short-lived moment of craftiness!


Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Traveling is a big part of our lives.  We live 400 miles away from ‘home’, and seeing the cousins and grandparents regularly is a must.  My husband’s job requires frequent travel.   We also love to vacation and take weekend jaunts.

My husband’s and my worlds tend to collide when we travel as a family.   My husband is the polished, suited executive who can pack in less than five minutes, make it through security with Ziploc of perfectly sized toiletries, board a plane with laptop and Starbucks in each hand, and deplane wrinkle free.   I, however, am the frazzled mom of three who has a purse, camera bag, three backpacks, and twelve electronic devices for entertainment.  I will have one child running shoeless after airport security, one that needs to use the bathroom NOW, and one on alert to look for ‘Mountain Dew’ signs because I had to give security my just-opened and much needed daily dose of caffeine.

We drive much more often than we fly, and I am somewhat more accomplished in traveling by car.  I can identify every clean bathroom in Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.   My departure times perfectly avoid rush hour in the cities.  I pack plenty of  goodies and games for travel.  Packing for myself is often a toss up though:  I tend to forget shoes or socks, and usually  have to go shopping  to make it through the trip.   Again, my husband is packed in less than five minutes.  A less stressed traveler, he does not find it necessary to pack matchy hair bows for Miss J’s outfits, or care if E-Man’s suitcase if full of Mario Brothers t-shirts and sweat pants.  He can load the car without an avalanche upon opening, a feat I have yet to master.

Our children’s favorite part of traveling is the hotel room.  There is so much joy to be found in unwrapping glassware and jumping on a strange bed.

Somehow,  all five of have returned from every travel adventure, which is total success in my book.  Right?