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Kiss the Cook

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

You may kiss the cook, but don’t eat the cupcakes…..there was a LOT of finger licking going on.   Last night, I let my little chef go wild with the frosting and decorations, and she was so proud.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentines

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

This is my third year to make photo Valentines.   Both  boys vetoed them as too cutesy this year, but Little Miss Kindergarten is proud to pass out her lollipop Valentines at school.  I love them!

I am…

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

…so proud that my first ever self-portrait was selected for an empowerment campaign to benefit RAINN.  The online photography community I participate in offered a donation for each self-portrait entry representing  “I am a…”.   The slideshow compilation of these selected entries is beyond amazing.   To view the entire slideshow , CLICK HERE.  {Pay attention at the running time of 5:00 (of 6:24min) to yours truly.}

Narrowing down my identity to one word was not easy, because there are so many different versions of me.   I am a mother, wife, aunt, daughter, twin, teacher, photographer, friend, soccer mom, book worm, bubble bath aficionado, domestic goddess, sister, cousin, baker, blogger,  and more.  I am me.

The Way I View New Beginnings

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

I have joined a circle of photographers for a monthly project in 2012….showing different perspectives on the same theme.  This month is celebrating new beginnings.  My youngest has reached a new  milestone in her little life.   Just days ago, Miss J started  losing her baby teeth and experienced her first visit  from the tooth fairy.  She has had a tooth pillow ready for three YEARS, ever since big brother started losing his teeth in kindergarten.  Miss J was convinced that every single tooth in her mouth was loose, and it’s been a looooong wait to finally break in that pillow!  She also dictated a letter to the tooth fairy, asking to be assigned a girl fairy rather than a boy (she was scared to death that The Rock would show up after watching the Disney movie, The Tooth Fairy).

I don’t know why this milestone tugs at my heartstrings so much, but it does.   My baby is not only in kindergarten,  but is  losing teeth and growing up way too fast (as you can see in these lifestyle images below).

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