The Stitches Story

I traveled solo with the kids for two 400 mile road trips (15 hours in the car) and survived.  There was a pit stop for stitches, however.  We headed out from Omaha toward St. Louis, choosing Columbia, Missouri for an easy overnight stop with indoor pool.  The kids swam for an hour, and I offered a five minute hot tub break to entice them OUT of the pool and toward our room.   Seconds later, E-Man was screaming and bleeding.   The hot tub bubble maker thingie sliced between his toes for a nasty cut.

The hotel staff printed out directions to the nearest clinic, and off we went.  My man got two stitches in his foot, leaving with a flip-flop on one foot and a home made bootie.   We successfully made it to St. Louis the next morning.  The end.

A Before and After:


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