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She Got Her Ears Peeled

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

After years of waiting and debating, my girlie got her ears pierced over the weekend.  In preschool, Miss J decided that she wanted her ears peeled like her pretty friend.  In Kindergarten, she still wanted her ears peeled.  In these first few weeks of first grade, she has been lobbying non-stop to have her ears pierced.  At the mall.  At that big girl store.  On a girl date.  With no stinky brothers.

I gave in, not because she finally found the correct word, but because we think she really is responsible enough to clean them regularly.  Miss J was as decisive as always, quickly picking the “March” birthstone earrings of light blue (a June baby who can’t read yet).  She sat fearlessly in the chair, and refused to hold the bear because six is way too old for teddy bears.  No tears or hand holding for my independent girl.  There were many, many peeks in the mirror over the weekend to admire her new look, though.  I, too, have fallen in love with the new look of my big girl!

And one more color shot from the big day: