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A Miller Update

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

A catching-up-on-everything post is in order, as I feel like a failure at keeping in touch lately.   Facebook and Instagram are my lifelines right now as I follow the happenings in Tulsa and Omaha.  Consider yourself updated on all things Miller after this:

1.  Home. Our  new yard and neighborhood are beautiful (image below is view from upstairs deck), and the kids have enjoyed playing outside and swimming this summer.  The new house is great, but the interior was pure 1990 from floor to ceiling.  Think textured wallpaper in mauve tones, carpeted master bathroom, corded wall-mount telephones, and lots of hickory woodwork.  We (and by we, I mean Bill and the hired wallpaper/hardwood floor guys) have made huge progress already on the main floor.  Projects have slowed now, but we have enough to keep us busy for years! Before and after pics to come soon.



2. School.  Switching schools was a serious adjustment, especially the hours (7:30am-2pm).  I’m so proud of my gang, but it’s taken this full first month for them to really feel at home.  The church and school community are so welcoming.  All small Catholic schools have commonalities, but some of the changes were big.  We switched to common core programs, only one day per week hot lunch, and fewer offerings in middle school program.  But we now have time to chill and finish homework before practices begin, and that is a big bonus.  I feel like the new kid on campus too — I went from the know-it-all, do-it-all homeroom mom to the parent who has no idea how drop-off procedures work. (portrait from school sock hop)


3.  Hazel the Hedgehog.  Ben has been asking for his own pet for years.    He is truly the most responsible teen on the planet, and I had no concerns over care, but we could not agree on a critter.  Ben wanted a ferret (too stinky and creepy for me), Bill wanted to get him a dog (we already have a weenie dog with no fence), and I wanted something that didn’t stink or cause allergy issues.  Hazel was the compromise, and we surprised him with the hedgehog after school last week.   Cross your fingers for continued success!


4. Visitors.  We’ve had a revolving door on the guest room already.  My parents visited twice already, and received a hefty to-do list each time.  My sister and her family came for our famous cousin week, and the gang had a blast exploring our community and the big city.  Bill’s mom and sister flew up from Texas for a few days.  Bill’s brother’s family traveled through on their way to Madison, Wiscconsin for his first full Iron Man triathlon.  I’m guessing the guest room will be empty this winter, now that our Tulsa temperatures and easy winter are no longer.


5. Transition.  Now that the honeymoon period of adventure and novelty has worn off, we’ve all had a few moments of homesickness.  I haven’t heard one “ya’ll,” “fixin’ to,” or “bless your heart” since we moved.   We are in withdrawal without Blue Bell ice-cream.  I miss my mommy friends now that school has started.  The weather is a MAJOR change.   But the offerings in our community are endless, with the city only an hour away.  We have a big to-do list of museums and sights, with so much more cultural and entertainment options. We’re still exploring and embracing the transition.


6. Work.  Bill goes to his corporate office most days, and that is a huge change from checking a calendar to find out what city my husband was in.  We have seen him more these two months than ever before, and that is such a welcome change!  I was a mostly-single mom during the work week for years. It is amazing to have help with homework or eat dinner as a family of five on a regular basis.


Hope that helps catch everyone up on our new world up North.  Thanks for reading!



Saturday, September 20th, 2014

My oldest is fourteen today.  Ben has always been an old soul, and his maturity continues even into the teen years.  I am always proud of this kid! We zipped around the ‘hood to take birthday pictures, and I’m blown away by how much he looks like his Dad in these images.   Here is the man on his big day!

ben14 ben14two


Labor-Less Day

Monday, September 1st, 2014