Leaf Diving

With such a major heat wave today (73 degrees!),  Miss J came downstairs in her bikini and announced that she was going swimming.  Silly me, I thought she wanted to swim in the pool. With water. In the backyard.  I sent her back to her room to change.

She came downstairs in a gymnastics outfit and announced that she would be swimming AND diving.  She gathered a snorkel, mask,  dive rings, torpedo, and sea turtle stuffed animal by the front door. Miss J, of the unlimited imagination, wanted to swim and dive in the massive piles of leaves we raked over the weekend.  Of course, I approved this request (as I loaded a memory card into the camera and followed her out the door).

This series suits her so well .. the cheetah print and creative activity are all her …  no posing or directing on this leaf diving adventure! I love them all.






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